About ZFP

Zona Franca Projects was founded as an artist—run nonprofit initiative dedicated to exhibiting contemporary international art and artists, allowing their work to be accessible to the curious in this industrial Barcelona neighborhood of Zona Franca, and to those abroad via our online presence. 

Zona Franca Projects presents exhibitions with a mix of emerging, mid-career, and established artists who amplify the diverse voice of international art in the touchstone European city of Barcelona.

Our collaborations with local and global organizations are our attempt to work in a stronger tandem to broadcast meaningful projects that strengthen support for contemporary international art while also educating young people about its broad possibilities.

Zona Franca Projects does not represent any artists, our collaborations with artists across genres is a growing aggregate.

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Wilfried Prager


Wilfried Prager was born in Paris in 1964 from a French mother and an Austrian father. He majored in politics and studied photography for three years at the Parson’s school of Design. Autodidact in painting, he has lived and worked in Paris, Prague, and is currently established in Barcelona since 2003. Prager has exhibited extensively since his debut in 1986. His paintings are present in multiple private and public collections in Europe and in the United States. Prager also directed two fiction films.

Allison Malinsky

Founding Director

Allison Malinsky intends to translate her experience and interests in the temporal and plastic arts to Zona Franca Projects,and its community, through meaningful exhibition programming and youth education. Originally from the woods between New Hampshire’s seaside and mountains, it was her parental tie to NYC and her studies that brought her to live there for 15 years before her move to Spain in 2010. Her love for nature remains from her childhood and is represented in her own visual art. Malinsky has both her university degrees in visual arts; painting, sculpture and photography from New York University, and the latter in conjunction with the International Center of Photography (ICP). Despite dedicating her life to making art, Malinsky has also been employed in other creative and nonprofit initiatives in fields such as education, television and film production, music law, and created her own podcast, NYC Arts Radio.